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A true lifestyle brand, it only made sense to stage a lifestyle shoot as the new brand ambassador for LoveInPink. The new fine jewelry collection, LoveInPink was created to celebrate, inspire and empower the women who were to wear it. With meaningful messages inscribed on each piece plus the intricate addition of beautiful gemstones, such as the pink sapphire - which is found on every piece - LoveInPink carries true heart and soul. Versatile, stackable and downright pretty, there are loads of reasons to love LoveInPink! Read the rest on Belles and Rebelles.





Just the other day I was starting to make out my Holiday Gift list when I came across a new jewelry line of rings called LoveInPink.  As soon as I clicked on their link, I fell in love with their stackable bands! Not only are rings “so hot” right now, these rings really conform to the layering effect that I have been dying to find! This not only put them on the top of my wish list, I even had to write a special post about them!

First off, I just have to say that I love the name LoveInPink! It sums up my love for pink perfectly! Looking at the ring collection from LoveInPink, you can see that they really love using pink sapphires as their signature element; this stone is one of my favorites because it really makes the person wearing it feel special and glamorous. They say that this cherished gemstone restores one’s internal balance… I, for one, could really use that! Read the rest on Lynda on the Hudson.


loveinpink-classy-and-fabulous.jpgI am a huge fan of LoveInPink. I love my XOXO plate necklace, so in trend right now and I also stack my LOVE ring over my wedding band for a special touch!

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A few weeks ago I got an adorable package in the mail from the company LoveInPink.  Personally I love what the company stands for which is empowerment among women.  The company so kindly sent me the Sterling Silver LOVE Ring with Pink Sapphires.  Being the girly girl that I am, I obviously automatically loved the pink stones embedded in the ring.  On their website, they stated that "a pink sapphire is the signature element found in each of our pieces.  This cherished gemstone is said to restore one's internal balance.  Its symbolism of wisdom, strength and love unites our collections and encourages every woman to express her feelings and inspire her peers."
For me, the ring was dainty and had just enough "bling" for me to go along with my everyday outfits and accessories which usually include a silver watch and a silver monogram necklace. If you are looking for a perfect Valentines Day Gift for that special someone, look no further.  Whether it be for your significant other, your best friend or you mother, they will be bound to fall in love with this fine jewelry line with inspirational messages.  Don't just give them any old ring for this special day, give them something they deserve and will love more than anything. 

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These are real cool, and don't think you can get away with getting just 1, you are going to need at least 2-3 of these to really pull off this hot look! Read the rest on Fashion By He.