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At LoveInPink, fashion meets technology. 

We give our customers the ability to design personalized jewelry, which we then create with 3D printers. Through the use of this cutting-edge technology, we are able to manufacture innovative, high-quality products right here in New York City. 
We take pride in using the finest quality materials, including superior sterling silver and 14K gold. Our conflict-free diamonds are sourced from a small, family-owned diamond cutter based in Antwerp, Belgium. Our designers hand select diamond-cut pink sapphires, which are native to Africa and are conflict-free.
Our mission is to allow women to express their creativity and personalities through our timeless custom design jewelry. Everyone is different, so we believe their jewelry should be as well. 
LoveInPink is steadfast in the movement to empower women.  Every LoveInPink purchase that you complete will make an impact in boosting self-confidence and creating better lives.
Now that you've heard our story, it's time for you to share yours. Click here to design Your Story custom jewelry now, and allow us to change the way you shop for fine jewelry. 


LoveInPink was founded by two men who were surrounded by loving and powerful women throughout their lives. Scott Klein was born and raised in Miami, Florida by a single mother and his sister. After his parents separated, Scott watched his mom transform from a housewife into a financial provider. His older sister began to take on more caregiving responsibilities, which made Scott view her as a second mother figure. Both of these strong women played important roles in the foundation of Scott’s views of gender equality and respect for women. Scott continues to draw daily inspiration from his 3 daughters and career-driven wife of 27 years.

Scott has owned a diamond wholesale business for over 20 years. His passion and interest in design was a large component in teaming with Oscar Perez to develop the LoveInPink brand. Oscar was born in Guatemala and moved to San Antonio at 18 years old, when his family fled a civil war in hopes to improve their lifestyle. He is the youngest of 5 and was raised by a single mother and 4 sisters in a household where faith was a core value. After moving to New York and studying advertising and jewelry design at FIT, he launched a jewelry marketing company and was soon creating custom pieces for clients.

During the summer of 2014, Oscar found himself experimenting with rose gold and colored diamonds in his jewelry designs. While sitting in a coffee shop, Oscar had a vision to create a jewelry line that would feature the color pink and incorporate his core values of faith, family and love. He wanted to create jewelry that would deliver a positive message to women everywhere.

The influence from generations of empowered women in Scott and Oscar’s lives played an important role in the inspiration behind LoveInPink. Their ownership of separate jewelry companies provides them with expertise in fine craftsmanship, production and industry knowledge. These guys are as passionate about creating the highest quality jewelry as they are about spreading positive messages and making a difference in women’s lives.